Glacier Refrigeration is not your normal refrigeration company. We do things differently. You are our number one focus and if you are not happy, our job is not done. We enjoy what we do. We want to build a long term relationship with you, your company and your employees.


We also know the worth of a happy, well trained employee. We have the best technicians around. We are not afraid to invest in our employees. If we do not have the best technicians working for us, we can’t produce the best product. Our technicians are continually trained on new equipment and procedures. They also come to you tooled to complete the job to the highest industry standards.


We do not take on more customers than we can handle to our satisfaction. We also do not put our phone number on our vehicles or list our company in the yellow pages. We do this to make sure that we can respond properly to the customers we have already committed to.


We keep parts on hand. With refrigeration problems, time is everything. Over 90% of the parts we use are stocked on our vans. We keep running to the supply house to a minimum. We do this to get you back up and running as soon as possible and to keep the overall price, cost effective.


We are a full service commercial refrigeration company. We service walk in freezers/coolers, ice machines, ice cream machines, under counter units, HVAC equipment and everything in between.


Having reliable refrigeration equipment starts with a good installation. We understand the difference between just hooking up new equipment versus designing and installing the system to meet your unique needs. Equipment that is designed and installed properly will hold temperature better, have shorter run time (which will save you in electricity) and save thousands of dollars on repairs over the life of the equipment.


Now that you know why we are different, we would love the opportunity to show you.